Hello Summer. Goodbye Summer.

Hello Summer.  Goodbye Summer.  Since we last talked, I've taken a trip home to Maryland to visit my parents, moved to a different town (but still in Los Angeles because Los Angeles is huge), and knitting.

Yes, I've been knitting.

I decided to join the Joji Mystery Wrap knitalong, also known as the Starting Point Wrap.  I learned a few things on this...now four month journey.

1.  Wow, I am a slow knitter.  I was able to stay on track for the first week.  Afterwards, everything fell apart.  I know it's not a race, but this leads into point two.

2.  Working on a mystery knit is not conducive to me sharing my knitting.  I didn't want to spoil the knitting for others, so I didn't feel I could share anything about my progress.  I haven't been working on anything else, so it appears as of I stopped knitting altogether.  

4.  When the pattern creator says this will be a large project, they are probably correct.  This will be the largest object I've ever knit.  I think it's going to be taller than me.  I'm very tempted to hang it on my wall.

5.  Miss Babs is a pretty lovely yarn.

Knitting this wrap was an 'in the moment' decision made while looking at the Miss Babs kits while at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last May.  The colors were nicely matched and I've wanted to try out the yarn.  Check it out!

Starting Point Wrap WIP

I'm currently working on clue four - making slow progress.  The mystery knitalong has ended quite awhile ago, so I think we're past spoilers.  The Miss Babs colorways used are Sealife, Rainforest, Lost Treasure, Franklin, and Old Gold.  The kit is called 'My Treasure'.

Joji Closeup

The variegated yarn does a great job of tying all of the other colors together.  I really like it, it's just taken me...so...long.    Not the mention the ends to weave in.  All of the ends.  So many ends!

A Tangle of Ends

I've been good about weaving them in as I go, hoping to only need to cut them off after blocking.  Just one more clue to go.  I haven't been knitting the lace version, so while it's a lot to do, it's very easy knitting.  I've watched almost the entire original Star Trek series while knitting it.  

Anyway, hello again!  Hope your knitting is going faster than mine.