I've had a cold for the past week, so not much has been done lately.  I'm still working on the Starting Point shawl - just a few more rows to go on the second half of clue four.  I'm really trying to be disciplined about this because I have a couple other projects on the needles.  Specifically, I need to knit the arms on my Pixelated Pullover and then about half of the Parallax Scarf.  

I got this.  However...!

Destiny 2 was recently released and there is something cathartic about shooting aliens with friends in the hopes of getting more powerful, shiny stuff.  Here is a screenshot of one of my characters.

My Destiny 2 Awoken Warlock

I'm hoping to join a clan this time so that I can enjoy more of the end game content.

To make things more complicated and fun, my favorite local knit shop, The Altered Stitch, have a Machete Shoppe trunk show that started yesterday.  I was able to preview some of the colors at Friday Knit Night, but couldn't bring any home until yesterday.  

Machete Shoppe Yarn in Perseids and Fruity Pebbles

I had already decided I wanted to knit with the Fruity Pebbles colorway which is the cake on the right in the above photo.  It reminds me of a slice of cheesecake Brody had with Fruity Pebbles cereal sprinkled on top.  I don't actually like the cereal, but the colors are fun.

Brody was with me and picked out Perseids on the left.  We decided it looks like a galaxy and since he loves the color blue and all things space related, it was a perfect fit for him.  I think I'm going to try and knit a couple of Constellate hats with this.  

So many distractions.  At least I'll never have a lack of things to do.  Hope you all have had a great week!