Pixelated Progress

I've been working on the Pixelated Pullover and I'm just about where the hip shaping should begin.  I tried on this morning and am pretty happy with how it looks so far.

Pixelated Pullover in Process

I didn't do any waist shaping in order to fit my body shape, but I will do some hip shaping. 

Yesterday, Brody and I went out on a date to downtown LA.  I had a particularly stressful last week and we thought it would be a good idea to go do something fun.  We went to a hand roll restaurant called Kazunori that was amazingly delicious.

Sashimi and Hand Rolls!

We also went to the Last Bookstore, which also means I went upstairs to Gather DTLA and...bought yarn.

Yoth Yarn & In The Deep Hue Sea

They had a brioche cowl from Purl Soho on display and I'd like to learn how to do it at some point.  I haven't knit with these yarn either so...oops more yarn.

...but wait, there's more!  I can't resist green and this yarn is called 'The Get Down' which is also an amazing Netflix series.  I'm not sure if the names are related, but it doesn't matter because this yarn is lovely.

Beautiful Mess Yarn in 'The Get Down'

The minimal use of speckles is what drew me in. 

PS:  Go play Night in the Woods.  It's one of my most favorite games ever.  It's more of a storytelling and exploration experience than the traditional *pew pew* game.  The writing is absolutely fantastic and feel natural and believable. I had been looking forward to the game for a long time and was not at all disappointed.  I don't want to give too much away, just try it out.

Night in the Woods