New Things

It's been about a month since I last spoke with you, but my knitting has either been frogged or large projects that looks like unrecognizable blobs.

I did celebrate my birthday in the meantime.  My boyfriend took me to my favorite tea house for breakfast and then to the Yarnover Truck which happened to be in town.  It's what it sounds like - a Hostess delivery truck, but filled with yarn.  It travels all over southern California.  I picked out enough Anzula Cricket to make a Pixelated Pullover.  I started working on it right away and am now at the point where I need to separate for the sleeves.

The Beginnings of a Pixelated Pullover

Once I'm finished with the bust, this will transition to green and back to blue.  Anzula Cricket is a cashmere blend and it's been a pleasure to knit with.

I was working on this year's Through the Loops Mystery Sock, but I was hoping for more mosaic knitting and less cables.   I decided to frog it when I got to the foot.

Big Fat Cables on Tiny Needles

I like cables, but I'm not a fan of doing larger cables repeatedly on small needles.  The knitting gets tight and difficult to work with.  The foot has even more cables, so I had to let this one go.

NEW YARN! Like I need it...

My New Yarn Children

My local yarn hangout, The Altered Stitch, was at Stitches West with a booth for their Fibre Collective booth.  They returned with lots of excess stock from the show and I was fortunate enough to be able to drop by right as they were putting everything up.  From left to right:  Machete Shop in Norwegian Winter, The Great Skein in Mohave at Midnight, Spun Right Round in Nervous Breakdown, and Spectre Fibre in Tainted Roses.  I can't choose a favorite between all of my new yarn children. 

Bright colors are my thing lately.  Also yarn that looks like it could be cupcake icing.

Lemonade Shop in Rainbows and Clouds

I had to.  It's Lemonade Shop in Rainbows and Clouds.  It's going to be a hat.  I've already cast on and I'm very excited about it.

The problem is, I got a Nintendo Switch last weekend and now I must divide my free time between knitting and playing the new Zelda game.  Life is good.

Nintendo Switch!

I hope you're doing well with lots of fun yarn to knit with and, if you're like me, fun video games to play.