Stars and Watermelons

Vacation and the holidays are over and I've been thrown right back into work.  I thought I'd have less time for knitting, but it's all I've wanted to do when returning home for the day.  Before I knew it, I finished knitting Starshower.  I'm blocking it this morning.

Blocking Starshower

This was a fast knit and used almost the entire skein of Hedgehog Skinny Single yarn.  It looks like an impressive blob right off the needles, but the lace really opened up after washing, as I expected.  Now I just need to figure out what goes good with neon green.

I'm near completion on my first watermelon gradient sock.  Gradients are fun to knit with and the gradual color changes keeps you knitting more.  I'm debating on whether I want to make a matching sock or start knitting with the red yarn from the cuff down.

First Watermelon Sock

I also learned that I received a raise at work as our entire lab has done very well over the past year.  I'm going to celebrate with....more relaxing and knitting.  Maybe some sushi.  Sushi is yum.