Hiking At Griffith Park

I hope those of you that celebrated Labor Day had a great extended weekend.  The weather was unusually cool here in SoCal last Saturday, so the boyfriend and I decided to go hiking on the trails in Griffith Park.

The Griffith Observatory

Here was our destination - The Griffith Observatory.  Its location on Mount Hollywood makes for some fantastic views.

Hollywood Sign

We passed by the Hollywood sign on the hike up to the observatory.

LA Skyline

We also got some great view of downtown LA and the surrounding area.  We spent a bit of time at the observatory itself to pay respects to well known astronomers.

Isaac Newton!

Knitting was also done over the weekend.  I finished the Daelyn pullover over the weekend, but I haven't taken proper photos of it yet.  Here it is on the blocking board.  I hope to have more photos over the weekend with details about the project.

Blocking the Daelyn Pullover

What did you do over the weekend?

Hiking at Griffith Park