Lopapeysa Love

As I wrap up on one knitting project, I start looking for inspiration and ideas for the next one.  I've recently learned how to do stranded color knitting and thought about trying a pair of socks using the technique. 

I also have a lot of sock yarn.  Lots...

The more I looked around on Ravely, the more I was distracted by pullovers with stranded colorwork.  By the time I was done looking, I've become determined to knit an Icelandic pullover, or Lopapeysa.  I want to knit it with lopi yarn too.

This means I'll have to buy all new yarn to make an Icelandic pullover.  In Southern California.  I've become completely derailed.

In my defense, look at how amazing these pullovers look.  Here are some favorites.

This is the Riddari pattern by Istex Lopi.  It's published in a pattern book, but you may also buy it online for $6.50.  I don't think I would go with the colors in this image; I noticed a Ravelry project in which this was knit with teal, browns, and light blues, which is more my style.

Here is the gorgeous Ásta Sóllilja by Kate Davies and is part of a book called Yokes.  This book has eleven patterns based on the circular yoke style as well as articles to accompany the patterns.  While I'm a bit disappointed I can't buy individual patterns, I would really like to pick up this book soon.  Everything in it looks lovely.

Finally, here is North Shore from Tin Can Knits.  I adore the colors in this - I would knit it 'as is'.

Having been utterly distracted by lopipeysas, I made myself look up at least one sock pattern that requires stranded color knitting.

This is Fireweeds by Yvette Noel.  Yvette mentions that this design reminds her of fireweeds and the columns on the sides are fireweed pollen.  I like to think the column designs make the socks look sparkly.

So many choices.  I also can't forget that I've started knitting Parallax v1.0!

What are your favorite Icelandic pullover or stranded color knitting sock patterns?