Promotions & Parallax

A couple of weeks ago I received a promotion at work.  I celebrated by gifting myself a few things I've been eyeballing recently.

One of my local knitting shops, The Altered Stitch, recently started carrying Hedgehog Fibres.  I dropped by last Friday to check it out and walked out with a skein of Skinny Singles in 'Fly'.  I honestly didn't really look too hard at the base of the yarn and assumed I'd just make a pair of socks with it.  I think instead that I'll knit a slouchy hat with it.

Last time I hiked up to the Griffith Observatory, I fell in love with a button shirt with rockets on it as well as a pair of atom earrings.  I exercised discipline and didn't bring either home with me.  Last Saturday we made the hike again with friends and this time I exercised absolutely no discipline.  Did I mention the promotion came with a pay increase?  Here is a photo of all three.

I'm grateful that I have such a wonderful career job and that I managed to get it so soon after graduating.  I look forward to doing and learning more as an analytical chemist.

Meanwhile, I'm working on Parallax.

Parallax Scarf!

I picked up the pattern and yarn at Vogue Knitting Live in Pasadena last April.  This is double knitting - which I didn't know how to do when I purchased everything, but the book and YouTube taught me everything I need to know.  I've completed one repeat and love watching the colors change.  I have nineteen more repeats to go, so this is a big project.  I may work on a small project on the side.

If you're interested in this pattern, you can learn more on its Ravelry pattern page.

Oh, and I also bought Rimworld.  It's been a hilarious game so far.