Complete - Daelyn Pullover

My Daelyn pullover has been completed for a week now, but I've only recently taken photos.  I meant to take them over the weekend, but we were having fun at the LA Farmer's Market and County Fair.  We made friends with lots of goats.

This is my first pullover I've ever completed.  If you're curious, you can check out the details on the Daelyn Ravelry page here.  I stuck with the recommended yarn and knit it up with Swan's Island All American Collection Worsted.

I knit it the sugar maple colorway; it looks like a good fall color and a bit out of character for me.  I usually gravitate towards blues and greens.

I'm really happy over having completed this project.  It took me six months from start to finish, but I was also working on side projects.  It's finished just in time for fall, which isn't saying much for southern California weather.  I'm going to wear it out as much as I can.  Today is a great day for it as it's unusually cool and overcast.  It even rained the tiniest bit.

I really like the side detail of the garter and stockinette stitch transition.  The only negatives I have about this project is the odd bit of lighter color across the front of the pullover and some texture issues where I knit the German short rows. 

I can overlook those, I'm still really thrilled to wear my very own hand knitted pullover for the upcoming cold weather.

Do you have any projects lined up to be worn over the fall and winter?