How My First Sweater Got To 'Almost Done'

daelyn pullover in progress

garter stitch flow detail

I've been knitting for over a decade, but I have never once tried to knit a sweater.  I can think of several reasons why, such as the cost of yarn for a large project like a sweater.  Then there's the joy of having to seam the thing.  Moving to southern California didn't help matters either, though it does get chilly during winter evenings.

Once it even snowed. Once.  Many tiny snowmen were built that morning and melted by the end of the day...but I digress.

Last spring I decided to just jump in and try to knit a sweater for myself.  I chose the Daelyn Pullover - it's seamless and simple in design, but the flowing garter stitch was interesting enough for me to try the pattern.

I'm almost done; just half a sleeve and the neck.  Many...many rows the same stitches.  My secret? 

Netflix & Knit.  I know, it's a cheesy joke.

Knitting so many rows of stockinette and garter stitch is so relaxing that it puts me to sleep.  There are TV shows I'm curious about.  Put the two together - boom - two problems solved at once.

This sweater and I got through a lot of Once Upon A Time, Agents of Shield, Game of Thrones, Read or Die, and probably some Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Now I'm just waiting for new seasons to start so I can finish this.  What do you watch or listen to while knitting?