Electric Dragon - Medieval Darksynth

When I'm working and indecisive about what I want to listen to, I'll go to Bandcamp and search a genre of music I like.  I'm a bit of a retro synth junkie and putting in 'synthwave' can reveal the occasional musical gem I haven't heard before. 

This is how I found 'Covenant' by Electric Dragon.  Their debut album is a fun listen if you're into darksynth or need some music to stay alert to while driving down around the 405 here in SoCal.

I'll listen to it while I'm knitting too.  I'm weird like that. 

Someone on the Bandcamp page commented that it sounds like medieval darksynth and the cover of the album helps to invoke that kind of atmosphere.  I would guess that there's a witch hunt going down based on the track title names.  This album hits hard for times when you want something high energy.  What do you think?

Favorite Track:  Wolf's Blood