Knitting and Trees and Moons

Life at work has been quite demanding lately, but that doesn't mean stuff has been going on.  First, the knitting.

The Last Leg of Copenhagen Calling

I'm on the final repeat of the lace section of Copenhagen Calling.  The dark green and lace combination remind me of pine trees.  The multicolored yarn is a great contrast and will make it fun to wear. 

Super Moon!

 I took the time to gaze at the super moon.  Honestly it doesn't look much different from a regular full moon, but this won't happen again for quite a long time.  The boyfriend and I walked up to the lookout pointat our apartment complex and enjoyed the view.  There are benefits to living at the top of a big hill.

Christmas Tree 2016

We also decorated our first Christmas tree.  Someday I want to get a molecular model kit and make little molecules to hang on the tree.  A benzene ring tree topper would be the best.

Tomorrow we are driving up to San Francisco to spend time with family for Thanksgiving.  I hope those of you celebrating have a wonderful holiday!