Moving Right Along

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween.  I spent most of it returning to Skyrim after watching videos by Shirley Curry.  She's an 80 year old grandmother who is seriously into Skyrim and posts daily gameplay videos.  They're fun to watch and so I've got caught up in the game myself.

I also finally got a haircut and put the blue highlights back in my hair.  Check out the gallery for a photo.

Otherwise I've been plugging along at Copenhagen Calling.  I just finished the colorwork section and had the perfect amount of the Republic of Wool yarn - I don't have enough to knit another round with it.  This is a good because now I just need the gorgeous green yarn to knit the lace section.  Then it's ready to take with me to Portland.

Finished colorwork section of Copenhagen Calling cowl

I love how the colors come together - it was really fun to knit.

Close-up of the colorwork section.

I'm starting to get back into vitamin D testing at work.  Here is a photo of when I was preparing samples to be tested.  They are in separatory funnels as I need to separate out the vitamin D from the rest of the sample before running it in our analytical chemistry equipment.

Sample preparation for vitamin D testing

What have you been working on lately?