Train Knitting

Yesterday, Brody the boyfriend and I went to Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles.  Half the fun of taking a trip into downtown is riding the Metrolink, a double decker train.  I took my sock yarn hat with me to pass the time.

Train Knitting

I like the splashes of color that random appear throughout the knitting, especially the neon green.  We did all of our usual stuff in Little Tokyo, like check out the Kinukinuya bookstore and look at lots of anime figures (I have a thing for Nendoroids).  We also tried out a new restaurant for lunch and enjoyed zarusoba.

Remember when I said I was going to knit Edie?  Change of plans.  The Altered Stitch does not carry any linen, but they helped me make color choices for Copenhagen Calling.

Copenhagen Calling by Isabel Kraemer

This is the third Isabel Kraemer pattern I've either started or at least queued up; her design style fits me well. These are the color choices, with lots of help from the women at The Altered Stitch:

Beginnings of Copenhagen Calling

I said I'd like something that contrasts and I think this will do the trick.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how the two colors will play together.  I still intend to knit Edie and will order the yarn for it online soon.

Is the weather cooling down where you are?