Slow Weekend

Last weekend was spent entirely at home. Most of it centered around playing Final Fantasy XIV, strawberries/Nutella, and knitting.

Parallax Scarf Progress

I'm about 20% done with Parallax.  It turns out I have to knit a total of 10 repeats, not 20 like I previously thought (thankfully).  It's a slow knit and mistakes aren't easy to correct because the yarn likes to stick together.  The visual effect and color changes keep me motivated.

Copenhagen Calling Progress

I'm almost done the ribbing in Copenhagen Calling.  This is a great project to switch working on with Parallax because this is not as demanding and the yarn is softer.  I'm looking forward to adding in the dark green yarn and seeing how the slip stitch pattern looks.

Next weekend I'll be at IndieCade.  Not much knitting, but lots of fun independent games to try out!