My name is Kristina and I'm an analytical chemist living in Southern California.  I started knitting in 2004 as a creative outlet and to make something special for my new niece. 

Knitting is my primary avenue for creativity, but my interests become eclectic from there. I've been playing video games since I was a child.  I've also recently discovered that I enjoy cooking (but not going to the grocery store to buy ingredients - nope).  I listen to a disproportionate amount of synthwave music and love science.  I'm always on the lookout for new creative endeavors to try, especially since graduating with my bachelor of science.

This blog is a personal journal of things that I enjoy as well as the creative projects I'm working on.  I love knitting, but I am easily distracted by all kinds of other projects to try.  Hence the name Periodic Knitting.  The Periodic Table is also a beautiful thing.